Cyber-risk : Discover our study on the expectations of Europeans

+155% this is the increase of visits to the cybermalveillance.gouv platform in 2020, with more than 88% of assistance requests activated by individuals.

If the development of cybercrime is unfortunately not a new phenomenon, for individuals it is now considered as a risk in its own right. Because of their various aspects, the acts of cyber-malware are still not well regulated by the law and new risks appear: damage to the e-reputation, cyber-harassment, phishing… The management of this social blight becomes a major stake for the banking and telephony actors and for the whole electronic retail sector.

Moonshot Insurance and Vertone provide you an infography showing the key lessons of the new customer study carried out in France, Italy and Germany in December 2021.


Cyber expectations of individuals: in short

The cyber insurance market for professionals has been the subject of several studies and insurance offers are emerging. On the other hand, we have noticed that the cyber market for private individuals remains rather unaddressed at this stage, notably in Europe.

In this context, Moonshot Insurance and Vertone have carried out a study with 3,000 French, Italian and German people in order to understand their relationship with cyber risks and their expectations in terms of protection means and cyber insurance offers.

 470 M€  

This is the annual cost of identity theft for individuals in France



The number of suicides per year in Europe as a result of cyber-bullying


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Already awarded twice for its commitment against cyber-harassment by the “Trophées de l’Assurance in 2021”, Moonshot Insurance positions itself as a reference actor in the support and protection of new uses, whether they are digital, environmental or economic.