Moonshot Insurance, pioneer & leader in contextual insurance, deploys and operates innovative white-labeled insurance products thanks to its cutting-edge technology and its API architecture.


In our connected world, new customer behaviors create new expectations and consumption needs in terms of transparency and deep customization. The consumer must have marks and security during his buying process.

Moonshot Insurance sets new standards by offering insurance products that are useful, clear and valuable to the customers of its digital partners. By personalizing and simplifying the insurer-insured relationship, and by giving the client full control over his contract, Moonshot Insurance offers him the main role.


Moonshot Insurance provides much more than Insurance to his partners by offering the true agility and power of contextual insurance through data and forward-looking expertise.

We have successfully integrated our Insurance-As-A-Service concept. 
Our products are proposed at the moment of an online purchase and therefore when you really need them. To deliver our products, we are displaying our Insurance-As-A-Service platform to our partners, digital platforms, which can consume our services and hence easily integrate our products into their “sales funnel” through white label implementations.

This means that our APIs standardize the way our platform interacts with those of our partners. These instantaneous and standardized interactions allow us to use the data to offer personalized prices and policies.

The essence of contextual insurance requires the exploitation of external data in real time. Real time is facilitated both by the use of connected objects and by the development of different technologies, such as machine learning or artificial intelligence, which enable the analysis of the insured’s real consumption in order to recommend relevant offers. This also enables us to automate our processing and thus offer extremely fluid customer journeys.

With speed, precision and passion, we meet our partners through their consumers’ needs.

Moonshot Insurance generates customer preference by integrating contextual insurance services and products, smoothly into the customer path of its digital partners. Making insurance easy and helpful by simplifying in real-time the claim process and consolidate the brand’s customer satisfaction whilst protecting him.

Contextual insurance is also about the promise of automatic, real-time, and evidence-free claims processing through digitalization and automatization of the claims process. 
But the key driver for both the distributor and the customer is that contextual insurance offers a more integrated range of products in the daily life.

Contextual insurance is our answer to the need in covering moments of life over a short period of time, for example in case of flight delay or cancellation.

Let’s take the example of mobile phone. Who has never broken his screen ?

Well thanks to our technology of screen damage recognition, a simple picture of the screen and the mobile IMEI number will allow the customer an immediate refund. No other supporting documents are required, allowing a much more simplified insurance claim process.

And it works just as well for events, as travel, e-commerce, payment… In short for all services and products that require protection.

In other words, contextual insurance is there when it matters to you. Everywhere you go.


1/ A creative technology that values the data of our partner to personalize the offering

2/ A smooth and rapid integration of our white-labeled insurance as a service API solutions

3/ A focus on the user path to streamline their consumer journeythanks to a model in line with the evolving consumption patterns. By meeting concrete needs of protection due to new consumer behaviors.

4/ Insurance solutions that create value, providing a new source of income for our distribution partners as well as a positive impact on their brand image. Our partners and their customers save time with a way much easier personalized insurance.