The French and the German Fintech will start their collaboration around the new mobile payment function, Stocard Pay.

Moonshot Insurance and Stocard have co-built the most suitable coverage for Stocard’s customer journey.

“Stocard customers who have been using a virtual card to pay for their purchases since June will now have all their purchases instantly protected against breakage and theft. It was the starting point of our reflection to reinforce the use of the card and to accompany the customer on a daily basis. We are still developing other protections to further enrich the offer,” comments Nicolas Serceau, co-founder and CMO of Moonshot Insurance.

This coverage offer will be available to the 50 million users of the German fintech for their purchases in France and in Europe. By protecting users of Stocard Pay — the first financial service launched by Stocard — the leading European mobile wallet provider will be supported by Moonshot Insurance across five markets : France, Italy, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands, and accelerate its development in Europe.

“ This alliance between two European startups is a further step for Moonshot Insurance, which is accelerating its development since the end of 2020 by successfully opening up new European markets. We are proud to continue to bring our expertise and innovation capabilities to large European companies. Stocard Pay is a 100% digital and customer-friendly feature, designed for new usage in the digital economy. This commitment to simplify the customer experience is at the heart of every product we design. With Stocard, we are leading the way into the future of banking services and making tomorrow’s insurance available, today, throughout Europe. “ says Pascal Bied-Charreton, CEO of Moonshot Insurance.

Since its launching in 2017 within Societe Generale Assurances, Moonshot Insurance has become one of the leading insurtechs in Europe. The company is transforming the insurance industry by using technology to help its partners to protect their customers and support them in their new consumption patterns. Its innovative solutions are directly embedded in its partners’ platforms to create seamless and unique customer experience.

Founded in May 2011, the fintech Stocard is known for its smartphone-based loyalty program. Launched in France in 2020, Stocard Pay is the 1st payment feature of the German fintech.

Björn Goß, Founder of Stocard comments “ Above all, we were looking for cooperation in order to take into account the needs of our consumers due to the changes occurring in their lifestyles and consumption patterns. The aim is to ensure that we can offer our customers a range of tailor-made protection products that creates value when using the Stocard Pay functionality. We were impressed with the commitment and flexibility of the experts at Moonshot Insurance in terms of adapting processes to meet our users’ expectations. We are very proud of the new and exciting partnership that has resulted.”

With the announcement of this new partnership, Moonshot Insurance proves to be a partner of choice for Neo-banks and Fintech players in their Pan-European developments.

About Moonshot Insurance

Moonshot Insurance is an Insurtech, leader of contextual insurance that provides Insurance-As-A-Service products to empower the e-commerce industry, mobility providers, along with financial services and so much more.
From underwriting to claim process, Moonshot Insurance innovates at every stage of the insurance value chain. Our value proposition combines innovative insurance coverage with a fully digital experience to enrich the customer experience and meet new consumer behaviors. Moonshot Insurance operates innovative white-labeled contextual insurance products thanks to its cutting-edge
technologies and its API architecture.
Since its creation in 2017 within Societe Generale Assurances, Moonshot Insurance has been recognized as one of the major fintech firms in Europe by “Emerging 50 fintechs” by KPMG, “TOP 100 Insurtechs” by The DIA Community, “TOP 100 Insurtechs” by Fintech Global…

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About Stocard

Stocard is Europe’s leading mobile wallet with more than 60 million users and actively shaping the future of shopping and banking. Digital management of loyalty cards and mobile payment are just two of the functions of the Stocard app.
The aim is to expand the offer with innovative “on the go” financial services, thus making the physical wallet obsolete.Stocard was founded in Mannheim in 2012 by Björn Goß, David Handlos and Florian Barth. In addition to its headquarters in Mannheim, Stocard is represented in Sydney, Milan, Rotterdam, Paris and London. The company has more than 100 employees.

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