Moonshot Insurance ever closer to the consumer and better in customer experience ?

1st October, 2020, Pavillon Dauphine — Moonshot Insurance receives the “Product & Innovation” silver award for its travel innovation “any-cause flight cancellation with automatized processing”. The previous year, the insurtech received the same prize for its product “Broken Mobile Screen”.

The two Trophies are worth the proof. This prize is awarded annually by a panel of consumers within about fifty innovations submitted, to honor the product or service of the year. Products and services are introduced anonymously to consumers, who rate them on their innovation, novelty and attractiveness.

There have been several changes in consumer spending behaviors. These new buyers behave differently today because they have become more experienced and more professional in their consumption patterns. In a nutshell, they have become savvier.

Through our contextual insurance solutions, consumers, and therefore your customers, are facing a new way of experiencing insurance. More responsible, useful and, above all, much more straightforward. By designing products that address as closely as possible the new uses linked to new consumption patterns, Moonshot Insurance assists consumers wherever they want with this Insurance-As-A-Service model.

In concrete terms.

An ad-hoc approach that represents an advantage for the distributor since it arouses the consumer’s preference. Indeed, the insurtech offers solutions that are a source of profitability and growth for distributors. These solutions build customer loyalty, enable the distributor to withstand its competition better and increase its margins while strengthening its attractiveness in the eyes of its consumers.

For more effectiveness, Moonshot Insurance can jointly build and design contextual insurance products with its distributors partners in order to meet their clients’ needs.

Moonshot Insurance serve distributors and benefit consumers. 
Today, and tomorrow.

Consumers got it already, how about you ?

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