Moonshot Insurance unveils its new baseline: “Tomorrow’s Insurance, Today” and confirms its standing as a key digital Insurance Platform in the transformation of the insurance industry

Tomorrow’s Insurance, Today »

« Tomorrow’s Insurance, Today » reaffirms the commitment made nearly 4 years ago to build a new digital Insurance Platform model that is simple, useful and creates value. With more than 400,000 customers, Moonshot Insurance has proven the relevance of contextual insurance thanks to innovative insurance solutions and an intuitive, real-time customer experience.

Co-constructed in just a few weeks, Moonshot Insurance’s solutions are natively digital and stand out through automatic claim processes based on personalized and secure data management.
Moonshot Insurance is one of the leading European players in Insurance-As-A-Service: its white-label integration solutions make it a key partner for retailers and platforms wishing to meet the protection needs of their customers, which the COVID crisis has further increased.

With a B2B2C positioning, Moonshot Insurance appropriates the new digital needs of end customers who wish to consume experiences similar to what they can experience on other digital platforms in their daily lives.
The contextual insurance products stick to these new needs and create for customers.

With its partners in France and soon in Germany and Italy, Moonshot Insurance, the insurtech of Societe Generale Assurances, continues to roll out new solutions with an increasingly broad range: events, travel, payment, mobility, e-commerce…

« Tomorrow’s Insurance, Today » underpins Moonshot Insurance’s ambition for this unique model, which enables new insurance uses adapted to all needs. Starting today.

About Moonshot Insurance

Moonshot Insurance, previously Moonshot-Internet, is the Insurtech of Societe Generale Assurances, leader of contextual insurance that provides Insurance-As-A-Service products to empower the e-commerce industry, mobility providers, along with financial services and so much more.
From parametric pricing to instant processing of claims, Moonshot Insurance innovates throughout all key aspects of the Insurance value chain thanks to a secured and responsible data processing. Our value proposition combines innovative insurance coverage with a fully digital experience to enrich the customer experience and meet new consumer behavior.