Moonshot Insurance, the Insurtech specialized in innovative insurances, and Rakuten, the E-commerce leader launch the first “mobile broken screen” insurance product based on damage recognition thanks to artificial intelligence.

Mobile broken screen insurance

In 2019, 51,4 million of mobile phone users were listed. Moonshot Insurance offers Rakuten’s customers a compensation in just a few clicks, if they broke their mobile screen, that the customer bought on

This new service offers a transparent guarantee and a quick refund with just a simple picture, for a successful customer experience thanks to the instantaneous recognition of screen damages.

Based on APIs, the solution developed by Moonshot Insurance combined technology, data and the customer experience to enhance Rakuten consumer’s satisfaction.

Thanks to our technology of screen damage recognition, a simple picture of the screen and the mobile IMEI number will allow the customer an immediate refund. No other supporting documents are required, allowing a much more simplified insurance claim process.

Moreover, thanks to the pre-filled subscription form and its seamless integration into Rakuten ecosystem, Moonshot Insurance and the e-commerce platform offer a smooth and simple experience for customers wishing to enjoy additional premium services.

With this new service, Moonshot Insurance widens and complete the affinity insurance range offered to Rakuten costumers.

“The launch of this brand-new product on the market is fully in line with Moonshot Insurance strategy to offers its partners products meeting the needs of their customers while assuring a pleasant and high-quality experience.” Says Pascal Bied-Charreton, CEO of Moonshot Insurance.

“As a trusted third party, our key priority is the client satisfaction. This project fully matches our strategy of placing the user at the center by simplifying his journey thanks to AI. This offer will meet a clear request from our users, concerned about protecting their smartphones. They will be able to subscribe and enjoy a guarantee as transparent than innovative with an instant refund.” Says Alison Boutoille, B2B Marketing & Business Development Director.

About Rakuten

Rakuten was first introduced in 1997 in Japan as an e-commerce site, and in the twenty years since, it has expanded its presence internationally with the innovation and entrepreneurship that has driven the business since its founding. Rakuten has matured into a portfolio of more than 70 businesses and offers a variety of services in e-commerce, fintech, digital content and communications to almost 1.4 billion members worldwide.

Rakuten’s mission is to contribute to society by creating value through innovation and entrepreneurship. By providing high-quality services that help their users and partners grow, they aim to advance and enrich society. To fulfil their role as Global Innovation Company, they are committed to maximizing both corporate and shareholder value. Rakuten strives to empower people and communities through technology and innovation and is committed to operating responsibly while addressing the challenges that face global society. Rakuten span a broad range of online and off-line services, linking these diverse services through a common membership and loyalty program, Rakuten has created one of the world’s most unique and robust ecosystems.