In a connected and changing world, it’s time we revolutionize the insurance world. A revolution that has already begun with Moonshot Insurance through a more responsible and reasonable insurance model offering the true agility and power of contextual insurance.

Contextual Insurance as an emerging trend

A rising consumer trend today is the use of objects and services not owned by the consumer. We own less and less but have access to more and more things and experiences. Objects today are often rented or shared. Consumers are no longer defined by their possessions but by the fact they are able to use services and products according to their desires and needs, in an intermittent and contextual way. Contextual insurance, in a digitized user pattern, is the relevant way to cover the risks arising from this new way of consuming.

Contextual insurance is an insurance that is contracted together with a purchase or use and that has been conceived to complement the product or service purchased. An example of this is travel insurance. In the event of a long flight delay, the customer can benefit from automatic financial compensation or access to the airline lounge for them and their family. Technology restores the information balance between the insurer and the insured: no obligation to provide evidence, compensation is instantaneous.

This is about protecting and liberating the way we will live, everywhere and for everyone. Contextual insurance is the insurance of tomorrow and it starts today. In an evolving digital world, it’s about giving the power to the consumer who is looking for transparency, simplicity, immediacy and of course customization.

Enriching the customer experience thanks to contextual insurance

With a fully digital experience to enrich the customer experience and meet new behaviours, Moonshot Insurance provides contextual protection and simplifies real-time support offering day to day adapted solutions.

Protected, liberated and encouraged, this is an insurance that is more responsible that meets tomorrow’s standards today.